Read Read Read
Summer Reading!

Please read a book!!!  You will have a project after you return to school in the Fall
Pick something YOU enjoy!  Try to find a book at your reading level (please, no Green Eggs and Ham). 
Take a few notes as you read so we can discuss your book.  Author, title, genre are a good start.
Maybe jot down why you liked the book?  Did you have a favorite character?  If it is a non-fiction book, what did you learn that was new?  If a poetry book, what was your favorite poem, favorite line, favorite imagery used?  Would you recommend this book to a friend?  Why did you choose this book -- maybe you liked the author?  you liked the cover illustration?

Can you read more than one book?   YES!!
You can access books online - go to Overdrive or SORA on the APS Portal.