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4th Grade Theatre: Students will memorize theatre terminology in weekly vocabulary lessons and tests. In conjunction with this, they will be working on a short play to present at our annual Winter Barnes and Noble Fundraiser. In the second semester, they will continue this process by combining with the 5th grade class and rehearsing a one act play to be performed at the end of the year.

5th Grade TheatreStudents will work on improvisation techniques and developing good theatre etiquette by studying professional theatre artists and rehearsing in class on characters and scenes. In the first semester, they will be cast and rehearsing a short play, developing ensemble skills and learning how the rehearsal process works. This play will be presented at the Winter Barnes and Noble Fundraiser. In the second semester, they will continue this process by combining with the 4th grade class and rehearsing a one act play. 

6th Grade Theatre: Students will be learning how to put a story together from beginning to end by understanding and developing plot curves, characters, and scenes. They will analyze several plays and learn how to break down a script. In the second half of the year, they will write 10 minute plays with a partner and present them in a staged reading in May. They will also have the chance to work with a local playwright. 

7th Grade Theatre: This acting class will involve higher level exercises and movement work. The students will be working on monologues and scenes during the course of the year using classical works with a focus on Shakespeare as material. They will also be taught unarmed stage combat, accents and make-up design. They will learn how to build sets by working during class on both the fall and spring shows. The second half of the year will comprise of the development and rehearsal of Shakespeare’s King Lear to be presented as a final performance at the end of the year. 

8th Grade Theatre: The students will begin the year by honing the skills they learned in Theatre IV and analyzing the character by the actor's and director’s viewpoints. They will also learn armed stage combat and develop a fight sequence to present. They will study and analyze scenes from All in the Timing: Six One-Act Plays by David Ives. In the second semester, we will begin developing a final “Senior Showcase” in which they will develop, organize, plan, rehearse and present a performance that encompasses everything they have learned in their five years at Miller South. This will be presented during 8th Grade Honoring/Jr. Thespian Induction Ceremony in May.  

Theatre Styles: Students will be engaged in a hands-on approach to studying different theatre styles. Learners will study four different performance styles from across the centuries and globe. The four theatre styles are Devised/Avant-garde theatre, Commedia dell’Arte, Film/TV Acting and Shakespearean theatre. They will engage with the community in performance and by viewing professional works either live or filmed.