Mrs. Roope - Science 6th and 7th

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Mrs. Ruth Roope

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Mrs Roope has a BS from Kent State University in Middle Childhood Science and Social Studies and an MA in STEM Curriculum and Instruction from University of Colorado, Denver.  Mrs Roope has taught in Europe, North Carolina, and Colorado before teaching back in her hometown of Akron, Ohio.  She teaches 6th and 7th grade science at Miller South.

Mrs Roope is committed to her hometown of Akron, Ohio.  She sees her students that have unique gifts and abilities.  Mrs Roope is committed to helping students express their own gifts in the science classroom.

Mrs Roope appreciates the arts and understands the value of authentic human expression to find common ground as human beings and our vulnerable expression of our true selves.  

Mrs. Roope enjoys to travel and spending time outdoors in her free time.